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Don’t “Tees” Me, Bro. Vote Now!

Submissions are in, and now it’s time to choose a winner. We’re in the last week of NPR & Threadless t-shirt design challenge, which means we need your help rating the designs. Between now and Monday, Sept. 9, head over to the Threadless site and use the five-point scale (“UGH.” to “$!!!”) to let us know what you think of each shirt.

What’s in it for me, you ask? You can win NPR swag just for voting! That’s right, score 50 designs (or more if you choose), and you are automatically entered to win a prize pack that includes a Carl Kasell pillow signed by the man himself. See all the public radio treasures up for grabs at

Image: Claire Mueller/NPR

I feel like the ultimate NPR shirt would be an airbrush job of Terry Gross making out with Carl Kasell.

….but that’s just me.

(via thehappysorceress)