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INTERVIEWER: There was a trend piece in the Times in like mid-November about female comedians breaking taboos which, to me, feels ridiculously late and also like a totally beaten to death subject. Jesus Is Magic for example came out in like 2006. Do you think it’s good or bad that people are still having the “women in comedy” discussion?
CHELSEA PERETTI: My comment about that is, I guess, people always ask “What is being a woman in comedy?” or “What is it like to be a women in comedy?” and I think on a really simple level it’s people asking about being a woman in comedy. If you’re in a guy in comedy no interviewer is gonna ask what that’s like. At the end of the day, if you’re funny and people laugh, it’s kind of that simple. And of course it’s a little different when there’s Internet comments, or even substantial media outlets, asking “Are women funny? Could they possibly have a joke or two up their sleeve?” and that can be demoralizing if you put weight on it, but you kind of have to go with what’s in front of you, which is, like, I have so many women in my life who have made me laugh from childhood until now. Both professional comedians and civilian, regular women. So for me it’s one of those ridiculous emperor’s new clothes-type news stories.

If you were wondering why I love her, THIS.

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